NAME : Electrify Africa    

SEGMENT : Renewable Energy

PURPOSE: To solve Africa’s electricity problem through renewable energy sources by using high technologies

SLOGAN: Sustainable development is possible only through production ( industry ) and production is possible only via clean, cheap and continious electricity.

COORDINATION UNIT: Professor Dr.Albert Michelle Wright, Mustafa Ayhan


1 )    Solar Electiricity for Africa ( SEFA )

Lack of electricity is the main reason of education, health, economical growth, modernization, capacity building and development problems of Africa. It’s impossible to talk about sustainable development without electricity.  

Concentrated Solar Power with Fresnel Lens ( CSP-F ) technology will be used. This technology is also the dynamo of European Union’s Desertec Project.  

Each CSP-F plant will be programmed due to 24 hours electricity production with 16hours storage capacity and 100 MW power. The estimate cost per every plant is circa € 500 Million; return of investment is circa 5 years.   

The manufacturing factory of required metarials and some components of CSP-F plants will be builded at projects destinations. Furthermore training schools will be opened in every country where SEFA realised. So, this Project will support GEA ( Education Strategy ) and PROCAF ( Commercial Strategy ) too.  

We began pilot studies at Niger and Mali and managed to sign MoU protocols. 

2 )    Wind Electricity for Africa ( WEFA ) 

WEFA is planned paralel to SEFA Project. Hybrid or direct wind turbine systems will be builded in countries where solar radiation is not sufficient. Other concepts are totaly same with SEFA Project.  


NAME : Sanitarize Africa     

SEGMENT : Environment

PURPOSE: To solve Africa’s disaster and health problems through high-technology sanitary projects

SLOGAN: Purification is the source of health

COORDINATION UNIT: Professor Dr.Courfia Keba Diawara


1 )    Sanitary Water for Africa ( SAWFA )

An average  African family uses 5 galons water altough on average humans need 13 galons every day and an American family uses 100-175 galons of water per day. Another issue is that almost 50 % of Africa population is in lack of clean water. Because of this tragedic reality Africans are living with very risky mortal diseases like Cholera. SAWFA project's mission is to let Africans use clean water that fits to NSF standards and WHO norms with high technologies.  

SAWFA Project will extremely decrease dies of Africans from diarrheal, cholera and similar diseases which caused by dirty waters. SAWFA Project will let African governments make savings from health budgets.  

The manufacturing factory of required metarials and some components will be builded in projects destinations. Furthermore training schools will be opened in every country where SAWFA realised. So, this Project will support GEA ( Education Strategy ) and PROCAF ( Commercial Strategy ) too.  


NAME : Green Accounting Africa

SEGMENT : Environment

PURPOSE: Carbon, waste and water footprint reporting and accounting

SLOGAN: Green accounting for green growth

COORDINATION UNIT: Professor Dr Leonard Todjihounde


1 )    Footprint Platform for Africa ( FOPA ) 

Africa continent has been excluded from Low Carbon Economy categorisation which have been globally shaped due to Kyoto Protocol. Altough a Carbon Trading Exchange has been established in Kenya with suport of German Central Bank; only Republic of South Africa has been accepted in green economy systematic as an African country. 

However Africa continent always cast out from all economical systematics. But this time Africa must totaly involve  in that new age economical regime. 

A class countries and big size companies began preperations for new age economical regime through some marginal projects such like Carbon Disclosure. The first step of this preperation step is concerning the reporting and accounting of carbon, water and waste concepts according to emission methods. FOPA Project has been developed related this issue. 


NAME : Greenize African Buildings

SEGMENT : New Low Carbon

PURPOSE: To build environment friend cities with environmentalist buildings

SLOGAN: Every building is a city

COORDINATION UNIT: - Will be declared soon -


1 )    Environmentalist Homes ( ENVIRHOMES )

Modern building approach left classic methods. New buildings include energy saver, energy producer, recycling, water management, automation technologies. The new high-tech buildings made by both green manufacturing systems and metarials. ENVIRHOMES Project supposed the building of new African homes or innovate old buildings via this new age approach.





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