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AIM: It was established so that Russia would not directly interfere in the struggle against the Ukrainians in Donbass.



THE REASON TO ENTER AFRICA: The Southern Mediterranean and internal North African countries have gained great importance with the Desertec of the EU, JINSA of the USA, and the Blue Homeland of the TC with reference to the MEDREP (Mediterranean Renewable Energy Program) of the United Nations.

In this context, multinational proxy wars have been started in the southern border countries of these countries in order to subdue the non-African countries, the Southern Mediterranean countries Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, which are briefly called the MENA Region.

These countries are Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad; the northern regions of each, that is, the territory adjacent to MENA, called Amazigh; They are the living areas of the upper ethnicity of ethnic communities such as Tuareg andor Berber. As a footnote, the Kingdom of Morocco, which has organic ties with Israel, has for years; seeing the country (?) named Western Sahara, its southern neighbor, which has a coast to the ocean, as its owner; This fact lies at the root of the conflict that has been carried to the UN.

In the proxy wars waged in this Amazigh land, known to the international public as the Sahel, militant organizations were created that waged so-called Islamic Jihad. The fighters of these terrorist organizations, which are responsible for 43% of deaths caused by terrorism in the world, were promised to establish sharia countries like Afghanistan/Taliban. The closest example of this reality is by taking a share of the lands of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, which have come to the fore with anti-France in recent years; is the illegally proclaimed Islamic Republic of Azawad.

The Russian State, which unofficially brought Wagner into this global conflict, made Wagners costs and gains in the proxy war so-called independent with the same logic. Wagner received gold concessions and cash money from some African heads of state in return for their militarist support. It is documented that it sells weapons to terrorist-insurgent organizations. However, after the 1st Russia-Africa Summit held in Sochi in 2019 by Russian Foreign Minister Lavron, 8 officially to Africa, and close to 50 of the affiliated bureaucrats; It is well known that they made more than 200 unofficial (commercial) visits and that the purpose of these visits was to support Wagner as well as Russian politics.

However, it is direct information that we have received that most of the African leaders who participated in the 2nd Russia-Africa Summit held between 27-28 July 2023 harshly the Russian state for not interfering in Africa s internal affairs.


 LIBYA: In 2015,to support Haftar who has a highly volatile past; against 18MT gold bullion, €100 million in cash from the Gaddafi s treasury, oil concession in Avakir region, establishment of operational military center at Sahel borders and entrance rights to Azawad-Amazigh region with support of Hafter & his alliances. Wagner had promised to train Baragisan fighters & Saika Brigade, directly fighting in civilwar for Hafter s army, bringing ammunition from Russia & China etc against those given illegal advantages by Hafter.

SUDAN: They came to Sudan in 2017 to help former Sudanese president “dictator” Omar al-Bashir suppress protests against him.

Like Assad, Bashir valued the Wagner Mercenaries and allocated gold mine operating rights (roodvans) to Wagner commander Yevgeny Prigozhin. It is known that Wagner earned $ 250 million for his services to Bashir in gold, arms sales and militarist services.

CAR: In 2017, Central African Republic (CAR) president Faustin-Archange Touadera provided military training to help him fight local rebels, thus recruiting his own men into the president s private security teams. (The main issue at this point is the SELEKA problematic!)

It s known that Toudere regime gave 30% privilege of trees in the forests of the region despite the forbidden timber export, 50MT coltan stock (despite the UN restriction, coltan and lithium are also said to have been allowed to operate), 500 kg of gold, more than 100 rough diamonds, each of which is over 20 carats, and 1st Class. So WAGNER has earned close to $1 Billion against itd support to him.

“However, WAGNER s involvement in the militaristic policies of Democratic Congo and Uganda, the countries of this troubled region, which entered the memory of history with the Rwandan Genocide, with the nature of supporting opposition parties and separatist organizations in those regions; making profits of hundreds of millions of dollars, selling chemical weapons, etc. is a detail that should be emphasized. So much so that Kenya-Uganda and Democratic Congo meddle in the joint federation plan planned in that region; It has also begun to disturb the organizations and political structures that it provides services and support to. It has even started to be talked about that the WAGNER formation of 1,500 people, together with local sympathizers and front company employees, will be massacred at any moment!

2020-2023 BURKINA FASO &MALI: Depending on Russia s Southern Mediterranean-Sahelian policy, which I mentioned above, Wagner, who entered the Amazigh region by warding off in Southern Libya, sold weapons and gave military support to jihadist organizations in Algeria, Libya and Northern Mali; On the other hand, it is known that Mali and Burkina Faso, which overthrew the governments that supported them against the Western countries that supported them, promised to destroy the jihadist organizations (hence the French Legion that supported them). In other words, Wagner plays double in the region, and since this is known both by Ibrahim Traore and Assimi Gotita, the junta leaders of those countries, and by neighboring countries, these junta members are also establishing a dialogue with the Russian government instead of Wagner.

Despite knowing Wagner s double game, the Mali and Burkina Faso juntas allowed Wagner, albeit with the reference of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; At the insistence of Ghana, it forces the ECOWAS Union to put pressure on the juntas.


1) African peoples endure Wagner for the sake of the Russian State. Because the deep relations of African states with Russia are based on loyalty to the arms, oil, food and debt support provided by the Soviets during the independence process.

2) African people consider Wagner a treacherous gang of corruption. However, they show the so-called goodwill approach like they show to Chinese companies that are coordinated by the Chinese state because China is providing development support to their countries altough a wellknown neo-colonial intend.  So Africans reason is respect to dirty dog because of it s owner

3) When the Russian state stopped using Wagner as a tool, African tribes confiscated Wagner s assets of hundreds of millions of dollars in Africa in one day; as well as the ability and desire to destroy its soldiers or front company employees at the same time.

4) The fact that Wagner, who was able to shelter in Africa with the support of the Russian State, began to see himself as a stakeholder in Azawad, Seleka, even Abyei, Puntland, etc. defacto country establishments began to disturb the Russian army and state.

5) The deep sense of loyalty that Africa showed in today s Russia, arising from the support of the Soviets in their difficult times; It is melting day by day because of Wagner s vices. Therefore, obviously Wagner is harming Russia in Africa 




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