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The Central African Republic Bush War began with the rebellion by the Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR) rebels, led by Michel Detodia, after the current President of the Central African Republic, François Bozizé, seized power in 2003. However, the real fighting began in 2004. The civil war may be connected to the Darfur conflict in neighbouring Sudan. So far, around 10,000 people have been displaced because of the civil unrest. The group signed a peace agreement with the government in April 2007 

Seleka Coalition guerillas and government forces began fighting again. FRANCE, CHAD AND SUDAN are the key figures !

SELEKA : The 2012 Central African Republic rebellion is an ongoing conflict between the Government of the Central African Republic and rebels, many of whom were previously involved in the Central African Republic Bush War. The rebels accuse the government of President François Bozizé of failing to abide by peace agreements signed since 2007. Rebel forces calling themselves the "Seleka Coalition".

The participants of SELEKA coalition are:

UFDR: Union des Forces Démocratiques pour le Rassemblement. Founded by Michel Detodia.

UFDR started the war in 2004-2007. General Damane Zakaria is the current leader. The Central African Republic has accused the UFDR of being backed by the government of SUDAN.

APRD: L’Armée Populaire pour la restauration de la république et la démocratie.Operating in the nortthwest. Initially led by former presidential guard lieutenant Florian Djadder, the APRD became a coalition of former Patassé loyalists, and local northeastern groups.

MLCJ: Le Mouvement des libérateurs centrafricains pour la justice led by Abakor Sabone. The group is a splinter group from the UFDR.

FDPC: led by Abdoulaye Miskine

GAPLC : Groupe d'action patriotique pour la liberation de Centrafrique.

CPJP: Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace

 ANGE FELIX PATASSE was the president of CAR between 1993-2003. He was deposed by the rebel leader François Bozizé who is the current president of CAR now. Patassé was ousted in March 2003 and went into exile in Togo. On December 7, 2008, Patassé returned to the Central African Republic for the first time since his ouster in order to participate in a national dialogue, with the government's permission. At the dialogue, Patassé said that the political situation should be resolved not through removing Bozizé from office, but through "democratic, transparent and fair elections in 2010. subsequently met with Bozizé on November 9. Following the meeting, Patassé thanked Bozizé in a statement and said that they had discussed the Central African Republic's problems "in a brotherly atmosphere". He also reiterated his intention to stand as a presidential candidate in 2010. But he was ill. He died in Cameroon on April 5, 2011 during treatment.

Libya and Moammer Quaddafi always supported him. During his first political period French government was suporting him but later left him alone.

FRANCOIS BOZIZE is current president of CAR. He served as Army Chief of Staff under President Ange-Félix Patassé, but he began a rebellion against Patassé in 2001. He is accused by Seleka coalition for not suit to peace agreement in 2007 and corruption with family members.

Chad government is supporting his power. 

FRENCH GOVERNMENT is accused by CAR people to be main reason of all these problems in CAR. They do not want French embassy and Air France in CAR. “Most of the protesters were reportedly youths close to the country's ruling party, the Kwa Na Kwa, and the embattled President François Bozizé.”

CHAD GOVERNMENT is the strongest supporter of president Bozize’s power. Thousands of Chadian troops are fighting at the bush with CAR army against Seleka guerillas. Chad government has serious problems and conflicts with Sudan government for decades.

SUDAN GOVERNMENT is the strongest supporter of UFDR since beginning of the bush war and also Seleka coalition. Sudan government has serious problems and conflicts with Chad government for decades. Sudan government accuse Chad government to support Darfur guerillas and South Sudan against Sudanese government.




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