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Yazar: ENGLISH LANGUAGE |  Tarih: 02 / 12 / 2013

If I may use this expression, creating the big targets for 100th anniversary of an institution is a trendy approach. For example, Turkish government’s all departments dovetailed for year 2023  because Republic of Turkey founded in 29th October 1923. All futuristic plannings are being designed due to 100th anniversary of Republic of Turkey.

Obviously African Union ( AU )has been effected by this trend. Year 2013 was 50th foundation date of AU and the theme of 50th birthday was announced as Pan Africanism & Africa Reneissance. Furthermore, AU chairmen declared the first realistic vision of this theme in 25 July 2013. All AU organs announced a mutual agenda for year 2063 which is 100th anniversary of AU; with the slogan of “ The Future We Want For Africa “.

In operational terms, the Agenda 2063 would be a rolling plan of 25 years, 10 years, 5 years and short term action plans. These action plans aren’t clear yet. African people will determine their own futuristic road map. Altough sustainable socio-economic development is basic jargon of this spesific road map like usual; it points out a different issue. “ The usage of own sources of Africa for development of Africa, through previous experiences and lessons “. This very ciritical detail rededicated itself to the continent’s development and technological transformation. It pledged to:

     *  Accelerate the African Renaissance through integrating principles of Pan Africanism in all policies anchored in our belief in common destiny and shared values.

     *  Continue the struggle against colonialism and support the right to self-determination of people still under colonial rule.

     *  Implement the Continental Free Trade Area to ultimately establish a united and integrated Africa;

     *  Develop Africa’s human capital as the continent’s most important resource; eradicate disease especially HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis; take ownership of use and develop natural resources, and make development responsive to needs of the people;

     *  Eradicate recurrent conflicts through addressing the root causes of these conflicts

     *  Anchor African societies, governments and institutions on respect for the rule of law, human rights and dignity, popular participation and democratic governance;

     *  Determine Africa’s Destiny through taking ownership of African issues and providing African solutions to African problems;

     *  Continue the global struggle against all forms of racism, discrimination, and expressing solidarity with oppressed countries and peoples.

Now let us clarify this question:  “Where will AfroTurk located in Agenda 2063 “ ?

Actually our manifest which adresses the slogan of 50th anniversary clearly shows our key approach against 2063 targets. We wrote that; “ Pan Africanism & Africa Reneissance can be realised by African diaspora who understood the Low Carbon Economy’s methodologies very well. Morover African students who educate in Turkish schools have very important responsibility about this issue”. We always tell this truth to all African students whom we can reach. Even we insistently advice them to stay away from institutions & people; who see Africa as only exploitable inclusive markets for their products;who avoid to build high-tech factories in Africa; who wants to carry out fancy construction projects in Africa through dirty relationships with African politicians; who prefers to buy African rawmetarials very cheap and make expensive products in his own country instead of manufacturing African rawmetarials in Africa; who insistently want Africa to stay at Base of The Pyramid level and who know and introduce Africans bad..

2063 targets are already what we are telling since our establishment date; 90s. Besides we are developing both these targets and carry out methods through Kaizen approach. Thus we have ATASA ( Afroturk Association Sustainability Approach )program which services environmental, social and commercial impacts at equivalance. So ATASA clearly explain the question of “how”. Morover we are developing similar programs with our sister organization Thrace Development Association ( TRAF ) to make more introduction of ATASA in global arena. Now, we reached more than our expectations. The better way to understand it’s meaning is to understand organic connection between ATASA and Thrace Carbon Zero ( TRAKS ) programs.

So, ATASA and TRAKS programs transparently clarify this question:  “Where will AfroTurk located in Agenda 2063 “ ? Then the only remaining question is “when and timing “.

Because of our road maps ( ATASA & TRAKS Programs ) for Agenda 2063 accept Low Carbon Economy regime as reference point; the years 2016 and 2020 are very important for us. Because the adoptation & mitigation regulations which are the key methodologies of this new age global regime; will be structured at mentioned dates. As natural result of our Kaizen principal also we will be finalising our spesific improvements in same dates. However, I should remin once again that SEFA Project is our key priority. Therefore we have a net timing plan which exist by two phases as till year 2018 and between 2018-2036 dates. Even capasitive and operative measurement approachs for SEFA Project, have been connected to these spesific dates. If you look at this timing process from the frame work of 2063 Agenda, you will see the harmony between our programming and 5 & 25 years planning of the agenda.

I mean that; AFROTURK began to prepare the road map to success vision of Agenda 2063 in year 2005 and everything is ready. Even, quit doing comparision with similar societies; we see that we are one step ahead of African Union. Yes, surely we must sometimes establish a fruitfull rivalry and some times establish an unique collobration to reach our mutual target: “ Africa; the most prosperous continent of the earth and completed social, environmental & commercial development in year 2063”

Finaly, we are going to continiou our ATASA & TRAKS plans into practice in 2014 and start SEFA Project.

Serdar Manga

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1 - Olarotimi Onayemi 06/01/2014

Dear Mr. Manga, Thank you once again for a special insight into the African problem and for offering a most important, sustainable and durable (probably) solution to these inadequacies of everything from policy to implementation in Africa. Personally, I have not got to the stage of thinking about the African Union (formerly OAU) centenary and would follow-up from now on. Compliments, and of the season too. Happy New Year

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