1st New Year (GLOBAL)

1st Independence Day (SUDAN)

3rd Revolution Day (BURKINA FASO)

4th Martyrs' Day (DRC)

7th Ethiopian Christmas (ETHIOPIA)

7th Coptic Christmas (EGYPT)

7th Orthodox Christmas Day (GLOBAL)

7th Constitution Day (GHANA)

10th Vaudoun Day (BENIN)

10th Ouidah Voodoo Festival (BENIN)  

10th Presidential, National Assembly (first round) Elections (UGANDA)

11th Independence Manifesto Day (MOROCCO, W.SAHARA)

12th Amazigh New Year (ALGERIA)

12th Zanzibar Revolutionary Day (TANZANIA)

13th Democracy Day (CAPE VERDE)

14th Defenders of the Motherland Day (UZBEKISTAN)

14th Revolution and Youth Day (TUNISIA)

15th John Chilembwe Day (MALAWI)

15th Egyptian Marathon (EGYPT)

16th Heroes' Day (Laurent Kabila) (DRC)

17th Heroes' Day (Patrice Lumumba) (DRC)

18th Independence Day (GAMBIA)

19th Coptic Epiphany (ERITREA)

19th Timket (ETHIOPIA)

20th Martyrs’ Day (AZERBAIJAN)

20th Heroes' Day (CAPE VERDE)

20th Heroes' Day (GUINEA BISSAU)

20th Armed Forces Day (MALI)

25th Revolution Day (EGYPT)

26th NRM Liberation Day (UGANDA)

28th Thaipoosam Cavadee (MAURITIUS) 



1st Abolition of Slavery (MAURITIUS)

1st National Heroes Day (RWANDA)

3rd Heroes' Day (MOZAMBIQUE)

3rd Martyrs' Day (SAO TOME)

4th Day of the Armed Struggle (ANGOLA)

5th Unity Day (BURUNDI)

8th National Assembly (second round) (CAR)

8th Presidential Elections (DJIBOUTI)

8th Presidential (indirect) Elections (SOMALIA)

8th Presidential, National Assembly (second round) Elections (UGANDA)

11th Youth Day (CAMEROON)

11th Armed Forces Day (LIBERIA)

12th Chinese New Year (MAURITIUS”china”)

16th Carnival (ANGOLA)

16th Archbishop Janani Luwum Day (UGANDA)

17th Revolution Day (LIBYA)

21th Robert Mugabe National Youth Day (ZIMBABWE)

21th Presidential (second round) Elections (MOROCCO)

23th Defender of the Fatherland Day (KYRGYZISTAN)

27th (untill 6th March) Festival of the Dancing Masks (BURKINA FASO)

(?) Last Week: Sahara Marathon (ALGERIA)

(?) Senate Elections (GABON)

(?) Local & Senate Elections (MADAGASCAR)

(?) Local Elections (MAURITIUS)

(?) Local Elections (RWANDA) 


2nd Adwa Victory Day (ETHIOPIA)

3rd Africa Environment and Wangari Maathai Day (AU)

3rd Martyrs' Day (MALAWI)

6th Independence Day (GHANA)

8th International Women Day (GLOBAL)

10th National Decoration Day (LIBERIA)

11th Maha Shivaratree (MAURITIUS)

11th Miradji (MAYOTTE)

11th Miraaj Nabi (SOMALIA)

11th Leilat al-Meiraj (GLOBAL)

11th King Moshoeshoe I's Anniversary (LESOTHO)

12th National Day (MAURITIUS)

12th Youth Day (ZAMBIA)

15th Joseph Jenkins Roberts' Birthday (LIBERIA)

18th Cheikh Al Maarouf Day (COMOROS)

19th Commemoration of the Victory over Gaddafi (LIBYA)


20th Independence Day (TUNISIA)

21th Independence Day (NAMIBIA)

21th Human Rights Day (RSA)

23th Southern Africa Liberation Day (ANGOLA)

26th Martyrs' Day (MALI)

28th Regional & Local Elections (SENEGAL)

29th Barthelemy Boganda Day (CAR)

29th Martyrs' Day (MADAGASCAR)

30th (1week) Bouake Carnival (IVORY COAST)

31th  Presidential Elections ( CONGO)

(?)Presidential & National Assembly Elections (CAPE VERDE) 


2th-5th Easter (GLOBAL)

3rd Second Republic Day (GUINEA)

4th Angolan Peace Day (ANGOLA)

4th Independence Day (SENEGAL)

4th Presidential Elections (CHAD)

5th Family Day (RSA)

6th President Ntaryamira Day (BURUNDI)

7th People's Revolution Day (KYRGYZISTAN)

7th Karume Day (TANZANIA)

7th Women's Day (MOZAMBIQUE)

7th World Health Day (TURKMENISTAN)

7th Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day (RWANDA)

9th Martyrs' Day (TUNISIA)

13th Ugadi (MAURITIUS)

13th-20th Gaborone International Music and Culture Week (BOTSWANA)

16th Fast and Prayer Day (LIBERIA)

17th Women's Day (GABON)

18th Independence Day (ZIMBABWE)

19th King's Birthday (ESWATINI)

23th National Sovereignty and Children's Day (TURKEY)

24th Concord Day (NIGER)

25th-26th National Flag Day (ESWATINI)

25th Liberation Day (EGYPT)

26th Union Day (TANZANIA)

26th Turkmen Racing Horse Festival (TURKMENISTAN)

27th Abolition Day (MAYOTTE)

27th Freedom Day (RSA)

27th Independence Day (SIERRA LEONE)

27th Independence Day (TOGO)

30th Siklet (ETHIOPIA)

(?) Local Elections (ANGOLA)

(?) Presidential & Local elections (BENIN) 


1st Labour Day (GLOBAL)

1st Aboakyir festival (GHANA)

2nd Bank Holiday (EGYPT)

2nd Ethiopian Easter Sunday (ETHIOPIA)

2nd Coptic Easter (EGYPT)

3rd Sham El Nassim (EGYPT)

4th Cassinga Day (NAMIBIA)

5th Patriots' Victory Day (ETHIOPIA)

5th Constitution Day of the Kyrgyz Republic (KYRGYZISTAN)

7th Defender of the Fatherland Day (KAZAKHSTAN)

8th Victory Day (MAYOTTE)

8th Victory Day (REUNION)

9th Remembrance Day (UZBEKISTAN)


13th 14th Eid Al Fitr (GLOBAL)

13th Ascension Day (GLOBAL)

13th-14th  Korité (GLOBAL)

13th Djouldé Soumaé (CAMEROON)

14th National Unification Day (LIBERIA)

14th President Kamuzu Banda's Birthday (MALAWI)


17th Liberation Day (DRC)

18th-19th Somaliland Sovereignty Day (SOMALILAND)

18th Constitution Day (TURKMENISTAN)

19th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day (TURKEY)

20th National Day (CAMEROON)

21th Saint Helena Day (ST.HELENA)

24th Oraza Bayram (TURKMENISTAN)

24th Carpet Day (TURKMENISTAN)

24th Whit Monday (GLOBAL)

24th Independence Day (ERITREA)

25th Africa Day (GLOBAL)

28th Derg Downfall Day (ETHIOPIA)

28th Republic Day (AZERBAIJAN)

(?) Fête du Dipri (IVORY COAST)

(?)  Local Elections (BURKINA FASO)

(?) House of Representatives & Senate Elections (SOMALILAND) 


1st Youth Day (CAPE VERDE)

1st Madaraka Day (KENYA)

3rd Martyrs' Day (UGANDA)

3rd Corpus Christi (EG, SEYCHELLES)

5th President's Day (EG)

6th Day of the Capital (KAZAKHSTAN)

7th Africa Border Day (AU)

9th National Heroes Day (UGANDA)

10th Reconciliation Day (CONGO)

12th Democracy Day (NIGERIA)

15th Day of National Salvation of the Azerbaijani People (AZERBAIJAN)

16th Africa Child Day (AU)

16th Youth Day (RSA)

18th Constitution Day (SEYCHELLES)

20th Kurman Ait (KYRGYZISTAN)

20th African Refugee Day/ World Refugee Day (AU/GLOBAL)

20th Martyrs' Day (ERITREA)

21th Martyrs' Day (TOGO)


21th Queen's Birthday (ST.HELENA)

23rd African Public Service Day (AU)

26th Independence Day (MADAGASCAR)

26th Independence Day (SOMALIA)

26th Azerbaijan Armed Forces Day (AZERBAIJAN)

27th National Day (DJIBOUTI)

27th Day of Turkmen Workers of Culture and Art (TURKMENISTAN)

29th Independence (National) Day (SEYCHELLES)

30th Day of Africa ‘s Scientific Renaissance (AU)

30th Prayer Day (CAR)

30th Independence Day (DRC)

30th June 30th Anniversary (EGYPT) 


1st Republic Day (GHANA)

1st Bank Holiday (EGYPT)

1st Republic Day (SOMALIA)

1st Independence Day (RWANDA)

1st Sir Seretse Khama Day (BOTSWANA)

1st Independence Day (BURUNDI)

4th-5th Liberation Day (RWANDA)

5th Independence Day (ALGERIA)

5th Heroes' Day (ZAMBIA)

5th Independence Day (CAPE VERDE)

6th Independence Day (COMOROS)

6th Independence Day (MALAWI)

6th Unity Day (ZAMBIA)

7th Saba Saba (TANZANIA)

9th Independence Day (SOUTH SUDAN)

12th Independence Day (SAO TOME)

14th National Day (MAYOTTE)

14th National Day (REUNION)

15th Democracy and National Unity Day (TURKEY)

17th King Letsie III's Birthday (LOSOTHO)

18th Nelson Mandela Day (GLOBAL)

19th President's Day (BOTSWANA)

20th Eid Al Adha “Tabaski”  (GLOBAL)

22nd King Father's Birthday (ESWATINI)

23th Revolution (National) Day (EGYPT)

25th Africa Day of Seas and Oceans (AU)

25th Republic Day (TUNISIA)

25th Bank Holiday (EGYPT)

25th (1 week) Panafest Festival (GHANA)

26th Independence Day (LIBERIA)

30th Throne Day (MOROCCO, W.SAHARA)

30th Martyrs' Day (SOUTH SUDAN)

31th Africa’s Women Day (AU)

31th Parent’s Day (DRC)

(?) Presidential Elections (SAO TOME & PRINCIPE) 


1st Independence Day (BENIN)

2nd Farmer’s Day (ZAMBIA)

3rd Freedom Day (EG)

3rd Pidjiguiti Day (GUINEA BISSAU)

3rd Independence Day (NIGER)

4th Founders' Day (GHANA)

5th Independence Day (BURKINA FASO)

7th Independence Day (IVORY COAST)

8th Nane Nane (TANZANIA)

9th National Women's Day (RSA)

9th Islamic New Year (GLOBAL)

9th Heroes' Day (ZIMBABWE)

10th Defense Forces Day (ZIMBABWE)

10th Africa Day of Decentralisation and Local Development (AU)

11th Independence Day (CHAD)

12th Presidential, National Assembly, local Elections (ZAMBIA)

13th Independence Day (CAR)

13th Women's Day (TUNISIA)

14th Oued Ed-Dahab Day (MOROCCO, W.SAHARA)

15th National Day (CONGO)

15th Assumption Day (GLOBAL)

16th-17th National Day (GABON)

18th Asura (GLOBAL)

20th Revolution Day (MOROCCO, W.SAHARA)

21th Youth Day (MOROCCO, W.SAHARA)

24th National Flag Day (LIBERIA)

26th Heroes Day (NAMIBIA)

30th Victory Day (TURKEY)

30th August Bank Holiday (ST.HELENA)

30th Constitution Day (KAZAKHSTAN)

31th African Traditional Medicine Day (AU)

31th (1week) Homowo Festival (GHANA)

31th Elections-House of Representatives (ETHIOPIA)

31th Independence Day (KYRGYZISTAN)

(?) District & Municipal Elections (SOUTH AFRICA)

(?) Presidential, National Assembly, Local Elections (SOUTH SUDAN)  


1st Revolution Day (ERITREA)

1st Independence Day (UZBEKISTAN)

6th Umhlanga (ESWATINI)

6th Somhlolo Day  (ESWATINI)

6th Armed Forces Day (SAO TOME)

7th Lusaka Peace Agreement Day (MOZAMBIQUE)

9th African Union Day (AU)

11th Ethiopian New Year (ETHIOPIA)

11th Ganesh Chaturthi (MAURITIUS)

12th Day of the Workers in the Energy Sector (TURKMENISTAN)

16th Martyrs' Day (LIBYA)

17th National Heroes Day (ANGOLA)

21th-22nd-23th Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day (GHANA)

22th Independence Day (MALI)

23th-30th Gerewol Festival (CHAD, NIGER)

24th National Day (GUINEA BISSAU)

24th Heritage Day (RSA)

25th Magal de Touba (SENEGAL)

25th Armed Forces Day (MOZAMBIQUE)

27th Meskel (ETHIOPIA)

27th Independence Day (TURKMENISTAN)

30th Botswana Day (BOTSWANA)

30th Agricultural Reform Day (SAO TOME)

(?)Elections-House of Representatives, local, Assembly of Councillors  


1st National Day (NIGERIA)

1st Teachers Day (UZBEKISTAN)

2nd Independence Day (GUINEA)

3st Turkic Unity Day (ALL TURKIC COUNTRIES)

4th Independence Day (LESOTHO)

4th Peace and National Reconciliation Day (MOZAMBIQUE)

6th Day of Commemoration and National Mourning (TURKMENISTAN)

6th Armed Forces Day (EGYPT)

9th Independence Day (UGANDA)

10th-11th Moi Day (KENYA)

12th Independence Day (EG)

13th Prince Rwagasore Day (BURUNDI)

14th Nyerere Day (TANZANIA)

15th Mother's Day (MALAWI)

15th Evacuation Day (TUNISIA)

18th National Independence Day (AZERBAIJAN)

18th Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday (GLOBAL)

18th-19th Maouloud (GLOBAL)

20th Mashujaa Day (KENYA)

21th Africa Human Rights Day (AU)

21th President Ndadaye Day (BURUNDI)

23th Liberation Day (LIBYA)

24th National Assembly & Local Elections (CHAD)

24th-25th Independence Day (ZAMBIA)

26th Baptism of the Prophet (MALI)

29th Republic Day (TURKEY)

30th Africa Food Security and Nutrition Day (AU)

(?) National Assembly Elections (IVORY COAST) 


1st Revolution Day (ALGERIA)

1st All Saints' Day (GLOBAL)

1st Africa Youth Day (AU)

2nd Arrival of Indentured Labourers (MAURITIUS)

2nd All Souls' Day (ANGOLA)

4th Diwali (KENYA, MAURITIUS *Hindu)

6th Green March Day (MOROCCO, W.SAHARA)

6th Hogbetsotso Festival (GHANA)

7th (3days) Days of History and Memory of Ancestors (KYRGYZISTAN)

8th Harvest Festival (TURKMENISTAN)

9th State Flag Day of Azerbaijan (AZERBAIJAN)

10th Ataturk Memorial Day (TURKEY)

11th Independence Day (ANGOLA)

11th Armistice Day (MAYOTTE)

12th Constitution Day (AZERBAIJAN)

14th Readjustment Movement Day (GUINEA BISSAU)

15th Foundation of Turkish Cyprus Republic

15th National Peace Day (IVORY COAST)

17th National Revival Day (AZERBAIJAN)

18th African Statistics Day (AU)

18th Independence Day (MOROCCO, W.SAHARA)

20th Africa Industrialisation Day (AU)

25th Thanksgiving Day (LIBERIA “usa)

28th Republic Day (CHAD)

28th Republic Day (CONGO)

28th Independence Day (MAURITANIA) 


1st National Day (CAR)

1st Freedom and Democracy Day (CHAD)

1st Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZAKHSTAN)

3rd Farmers' Day (GHANA)

4th Presidential Elections (GAMBIA)

7th Africa Telecommunications and ICT Day (AU)

8th Immaculate Conception (EG, SEYCHELLES)

8th Constitution Day (UZBEKISTAN)

9th Republic Day (TANZANIA)

10th Human Rights Day / Women's Day (NAMIBIA)

11th Proclamation of Independence Day (BURKINA FASO)

12th Day of Neutrality (TURKMENISTAN)

12th-13th Jamhuri Day (KENYA)

14th Day of African Sport (AU)

16th Day of Reconciliation (RSA)

16th Independence Day (KAZAKHSTAN)

18th Republic Day (NIGER)

20th Abolition Day (REUNION)

21th Sao Tome Day (SAO TOME)

22nd National Unity Day (ZIMBABWE)

24th Independence Day (LIBYA)

24th Presidential and Parliamentary Elections (LIBYA)

25th Family Day (MOZAMBIQUE)

25th Christmas Day (GLOBAL)

26th Boxing Day (GLOBAL)

26th-27th Family Day (NAMIBIA)

28th Incwala Day (ESWATINI)

31st World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day (AZERBAIJAN)


NOTE: Election and festival dates can be different due to Pandemic conditions!!




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