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AFROTURK administration mechanism has been builded through her unique Partner Managers ( PAMs) and win-win approachs. Management mechanism is existed by supreme concultancy committees (COMMERCIAL: Energy, Industry, Construction, Finance, Logistics, Law & SOCIAL: Education, PR, Health ) and country managers.

A planned social or commercial Project is performing by related supreme concultancy committee members and country manager where the Project will be held. The supreme concultacy committee members and country managers have equal voting, share, responsibility and profit. While a project’s 80 % net profit equally shared between project’s ABC PAMs, other % 20  shared equally between other ABC PAMs.

Project sharer PAMs also equally share all advance expenses of the Project like simple feasibility and research studies. These expenses are being added on gross expense budget of the Project.

We are forming a new company at subject “commercial” project’s destination with “commercial project’s” jointowner PAMs or issueing conditional agreement with AfroTurk member company which wants to carry out the “ commercial “ Project. Besides we have two different options for “ social projects “. The first method is related social responsibility approach that connected to subject commercial Project. And the second option is realisation of social project via spesific protocol between concerning ABC committee/PAMs and associate NGO.

PAMs are free not to involve in projects despite of subject Project existence in his/her responsibility area/matter. However we allow it only two times and with a reasonable pretext. If PAM doesn’t respect this rule then his PAM position falls.

We select new PAMs according to below parameters:

1. University degree

2. At least 2 foreign language speaking and writing

3. At least 5 years progessional experience

4. No any criminal background

5. Perfect relations with local government’s top officiers, NGOs and public chiefs

6. Office with phone, internet, faximille and basic meeting facilities

7. US$ 5,000 entrance fee or production of service with this amount


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